Li-po Battery Indicator Display Board

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Li-po Battery Indicator Display Board Power Storage Monitor For Rc Battery Parts


Li-po Battery Indicator Display Board

Items name: Li-po battery indicator
Operating voltage: 6/12/24/36 / 48V
power display: a picture
type : 3.7V / 7.4V /11.1V / 14.8V (optional)
Applicable: 6/12/24/36 / 48V NiMH / polymer lithium battery / electric vehicle battery / other electrical equipment
Instructions: To the positive and negative terminals of the battery. The digital tube displays real-time battery power.

High reliability, low cost and compact size.
Low charge warning LED flash.
Memory option to store electricity.
It is specially designed to monitor the power level of the battery during charging or discharging.
Provides instant battery status for effective charge management.
4 segment LED bar graph display.
Easy to install and operate.


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