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It’s a low power AVR microcontroller.



The low power, high performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller is based on the Atmel AVR enhanced RISC architecture. The device features 16KB self-programming flash program memory, 1024-byte SRAM, 512-byte EEPROM, 8 channel 10-bit A/D converter and JTAG interface for on-chip-debug. The device acheives 16 MIPS throughput at 16 Mhz at 2.7-5.5V operation.

By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the device achieves throughputs approaching 1 MIPS per MHz, allowing you to optimize power consumption versus processing speed.


  • CPU :8 Bit AVR
  • Maximum Operating Frequency:16 MHz
  • Maximum I/O Pins:32
  • Maximum Operating Voltage:2.7V to 5.5 V
  • Flash:16 Kbytes
  • SRAM:1024-byte
  • EEPROM:512-byte


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