3.6v lithium battery 1.2Ah

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FANSO 3.6v lithium battery 1.2Ah ER14250H

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FANSO 3.6v lithium battery 1.2Ah ER14250H

Model: ER14250H
Size: 1/2AA
Nominal Voltage(V): 3.6
Capacity: 1200mah
Max.Dimensions(mm×mm): φ14.5×25.2
Weight(g): 9
Standard Capacity\Current(mAh\mA): 1200\1.0
Continuous Discharge Current(mA): 25
Operating Temperature(℃): -55~+85
Terminate Voltage(V): 2.0

UL CE ROHS certified
long operating life over 10 years

 ER14250H SL-2750 can replace saft LS14250, LS14250C, XENO XL-050F TECKCELL TL-2150, TL-4902 TL-5104

small current drain ,middle or small currnt drain,long operating and shelf life.

ER14250 lithiumn battery ,specially designed for electricity meters,most sold to American and European countries.

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