180w Power Inverter

৳ 480.00

Power Inverter 180w. DC to AC Converter. 12v to 220v Inverter


Power Inverter 180w

DC to AC Converter


  • Power: 180w
  • DC Input: 12v
  • AC Output: 220v
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output Wave: Modified Sine Wave
  • Size: 78*78*33mm
  • There USB 5v

Product Features:

The inverter product use: 12v DC conversion into 220v AC, can be in cars, ships, the use of alternating current(AC), such as digital Audio, Photocopiers, etc, in the information of ever changing world, how can you only in the office? Our Inverter, to bring you moving house system. The product has a variety of protection circuit, safety, environmental protection, energy saving.